The Fifth Earth (Part 3) – Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Polarity

El Castillo Pyramid - Xunantunich - Belize

Stucco friezes on El Castillo pyramid, Xunantunich, Belize. Photo by JJM (2015).

Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Polarity

Decadeology vs. Katunology

The objective of decadeology is to identify the distinctive culture or spirit of the age of each decade; for example how 80’s culture differed from 90’s culture. Decadeologists seem to accept that decadeology is not an exact science, because cultural shifts never seem to happen exactly at beginning or ending of a decade.

A Maya Katun measures 19.7 years and a half-Katun measures 9.85 years.  The midpoint of a Katun indicates a peak. The two sides (halves) of a Katun are slightly  different from each other due to ascending and descending energy. Length-wise half-Katuns are equivalent to decades, but they are almost never exactly synchronized with decades

When (Gregorian) decades are compared with (Maya) Katuns and half-Katuns, it can be observed that cultural shifts tend to take place around dates closely matching Katun and half-Katun shift points.

Maya “Katunology” is therefore more accurate than Gregorian decadeology, because Katunology is based on finely calculated energy shifts corroborated with centuries of observation, is recorded in mythology and is also embedded in the symbolism of the archetypes and numbers that are used in the Maya calendars. The Gregorian calendar however does not imply any energy shifting at all and it does not contain any symbolism.

We can conclude then that the cultural shifts observed and recorded by decadeologists are (unbeknownst to them) more than likely Katun energy shifts, but observed and placed within the context of decades.

An Age of Polarity

Today, in 2017, the polarity of Katun 2 Ahau (2012 – 2032) is clear to see, but the arrival of strong polarity with ensuing polarization was initially (or has been continuously) counter-intuitive to the expectations that many people have had for a post-2012 world: a linear progression towards harmony. One of the reasons for that expectation is that the previous Katun, Katun 4 Ahau (1993 – 2012) was relatively well balanced nature.

However, evolution is not linear, it is cyclical. The fact that our (Western) civilization makes use of a modern, non-cyclical (Gregorian) calendar, means that we are out of the energy loop. If more attention were paid to Katun shifts as opposed to mainly the Great Cycle shift, and if it were not approached solely from a linear perspective, we may have been more prepared for the high level of polarity that we can observe all around us.

Having said that, even non-linearity has energetic continuity by design: energetically speaking Katun 4 Ahau (1993 – 2012) had the natural purpose of preparing us for Katun 2 Ahau (2012 – 2032). During the highly spiritual Katun 4 Ahau we were meant to prepare for the volatile dualism of Katun 2 Ahau.

Spiritually speaking, this could also be viewed from the perspective of human souls being in training: The personal development that had been achieved on a collective level during Katun 4 Ahau is now being tested on an individual level in Katun 2 Ahau.

As we shall see later on (to be explored in the next article), if we have forgotten what we have learned during the previous Katun, we can still capitalize on its benefits now, even in retrospect. Even younger people who have not experienced Katun 4 Ahau can benefit from it.

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By J.J. Montagnier

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7 responses to “The Fifth Earth (Part 3) – Paradigm Shifts in the Age of Polarity

  • JC

    I’m trying to get caught up on your Mayan material. The energy shifts are fascinating… jc

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      The more I delve into this, the more fascinating it becomes, J.C. The research is a bit time consuming, as well as putting it together in writing, but I think the end result is a better understanding of some of the events of the past, present and future that fills in a gap in information, as there are not many people writing on this aspect of the calendars (the 20 year short ages). Thank you for following along.

  • smilecalm

    makes me happy you’re skillfully
    able to unearth these documented ways
    of energy awareness mastered
    by the ancients.
    i hope your efforts are helpful
    in keeping current civilizations
    from disappearing as happened
    to those ancestors 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Thank you David for reading and for your encouragement. Yes, I hope so too. However as we know civilisations rise and fall, so perhaps if ours is falling right now (which seems to be the case), hopefully at least a few people will attempt to preserve knowledge, values, culture and spirituality that could be useful for building the foundations of the new civilisation.

  • theburningheart

    I totally agree with your views about the Maya calendar.
    And the way we live today, disconnect us from the awareness of our relation with Mother Nature, some have pointed out that our shift from a Lunar calendar, to first the Julian, and then the Gregorian calendar has something to do with it.

    However find that explanation, kind of thin, and obscuring the fact that what really disconnected us from Nature, was the desecration of Nature, in order to make a profit from it, rather than respecting it as Pachamama, and the lost of an Animistic view of the Universe, were everything was Sacred, and interconnected, not withstanding that the Maya used their calendar as an Astrological tool of forecasting trends, and changes in mentality, not different from Chaldean, or Vedic Astrology did.

    The church by supporting a double standard, and abuses of authority, contributed to the advent of Science, as contrasted to Religion, and dogma, a patriarchal society, left brain oriented, with no respect for the feminine side of it, who in the extreme overreaction it provoked, totally pushed materialism in its most crass depredation, were today we debate if Global warming its real or just a cycle, I mean its ridiculous, any man who was born after WWII can see the acceleration, and destruction of our Natural environment, since, the waste, garbage, and the total deterioration of what before was pristine, and ecologically sustainable, I mean now we not only see a whole number of species gone for good, but even have to worry about the bees disappearance, with catastrophic consequences to the vegetable kingdom, our source of food!

    So a return to an Animistic view of the World were respect its given to Nature its urgent.
    The Maya elders shake their head and blame all the problems of the World saying:

    “There is no respect anymore:” 😦

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