An Incubator for the Soul

Painting by Diana Graham -The Ecoshrine, Hogsback [Archive photo: JJM – 2014]

Dark Are the Days, but the Light Is Coming, Part 1 – An Incubator for the Soul

In this 3-Part series we are exploring the purpose of polarity and the nature of truth – JJM


Throughout the ages there have been times of turmoil and times of peace. In recent years the world has been going through a period of high polarity, with palpable societal polarisation as a result. Considering all the crises the planet is facing, a unified approach to dealing with them globally is likely to remain elusive as long as societal polarisation remains a feature. This situation, with no clear end in sight, raises many important questions.

Why have some societies become so polarized? Should we not have moved into global harmony after 2012? Does polarisation have any purpose? Why is the polarisation so extreme? How long will it last? How well are we handling it? Are humans capable of living in harmony at all? How can we deal with major world problems during all this polarization?

Fortunately some of the above questions can already be answered, but some answers are more accessible when taking a metaphysical view. Keeping an open mind is therefore recommended as we delve into these rather complex issues. During our discussion it will become evident that some answers automatically raise further questions. In our search for answers we will be exploring them too.


Dark are the Days, but The Light is Coming – Parts 2 & 3 (+4)

In the next chapters we will continue to take a deep dive into how polarity facilitates human development and growth; we will consider how we as individuals can find our purpose and maintain balance within our polarised times; we will contemplate the nature of truth in a ‘post-truth’ world and we will consider how we can get get ready for the (future) incoming light of truth. Please subscribe to receive alerts for updates.

By J.J. Montagier

J.J. Montagnier is a futurologist and travelosopher based in South America. His writings on the Mayan calendars are intuitively inspired and are influenced by his knowledge of Jungian psychology. The author visited Central America in 2015 to do research on the subject.

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4 responses to “An Incubator for the Soul

  • smilecalm

    impressive expression of looking deeply
    into our individual & collective divide
    keeping us separate from each other, nature
    and the true potential of collective awakening, JJ!
    the analysis of ancient philosophies and wisdom
    offers hope that humanities heart & mind
    will find its necessary unity.
    looking forward to your continued
    reflections on polarity 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Thank you David, your support and encouragement assists in the motivation for further exploration of the human condition. Hopefully a better understanding of polarity will come through and help us get through the ongoing polarisation.

  • theburningheart

    Well, you are doing the work of:

    Carefully watch the Wheel of Destiny and Work.

    You may find interesting the following:

    Let’s analyze now those four letters, since they can be evolved in direct rotation or in a retrograde sense, to obtain other words with values ​​important for meditations and that together will form a phrase that can serve as an emblem for researchers.

    In the direct sense, pushing each time a letter, we have:


    the law of evolution


    is the language, the Verb (from Latin “oratio”


    is the Realization (from the Latin “ratus”, who performs)


    Egyptian initiatory divinity (the alchemical furnace, Athor

    Which gives: “The Word is realized by the Law of Athor”, said in another way: the Logos is manifested by the Alchemical Transmutation (Christ in himself) (the CRIST-alization of the BEING).

    In the retrograde sense, we operate in the same way, with the same letters:


    It is the Wheel of Becoming


    is “to listen” (from the Greek “otarion”, little ear)


    is Luck and its 22 Arcanes (the Major Tarot Cards)


    es Trabajar (from the Greek “aratos”, labor, work)

    What it gives: “Carefully watch the Wheel of Destiny and Work.” It is meditation and patience, it is still Astrology (zodiacal wheel), the Lesson of the Tradition received in the Silence (“akoustikoi” was the first degree in the Schools of the Mysteries of Greece: 3 years of studies without right to pronounce one word, but to “listen”). The base of the entire initiatory monument is built with the 22 letters of the Sacred Alphabets, all Esoteric meaning rests on the 22 Major Arcana, already mentioned in Psalm 119 of the Bible (the only one that has 22 chapters numbered by a letter of the alphabet Hebrew in each paragraph), these bases are the “keys” that are everywhere.

    Keep the good work, Jean Jacques. 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Thank you Mr Anaya – following the cycles of time opens up another rhythm – one that is transcendental – the longer we stay on the path the more it opens up to new directions. I will take the time to look into this. Thank you for reading and visiting and for your contribution – always appreciated! 🙂


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