Energy Transitions (Part 6) – There Are No Limits To Growth


There Are No Limits to Growth - Tikal - Guatemala

Temple of the Great Jaguar, Tikal, Guatemala – photo by JJM.

[This is an extract from Chapter 6 in the ENERGY SHIFTS series at]


There Are No Limits To Growth

There are no limits to growth. Although there are limits to external growth, there are no limits to internal growth. One thing that will never change is our will to grow. As humans, we are absolutely driven to grow. The very reason why we are here is to grow – but not only materially so, and that is where we need to change our thinking. What has to change is the way that we grow. We need to shift our approach from being outer-growth-oriented to inner-growth-oriented.

The Great Shift

Growth is cyclical; sometimes it is material and sometimes it is spiritual (as illustrated in Part 5). We have entered an era of exponential spiritual growth while the window for material growth is closing. Most people are so committed to material growth that they are unable to make the shift in advance – and few are even contemplating it.

From Circles to Spirals

Material growth is a closed circle – a self-reinforcing loop that relies on the continuous availability of limited external material resources, some of which we will eventually run out of, without there being any substitutes.

Spiritual growth in the form of inner self-development is an open, ascending spiral with infinite growth potential that draws on unlimited intangible resources within and which can be tapped indefinitely for internal expansion.

Making the Shift

The whole objective of self-development and self-transformation is to grow beyond the general state of being that is the standard level of development of the times.  Those who follow this path become the pioneers who traverse The Valley of Shadows in advance. They transcend the limits of the present paradigm early by living in the next paradigm consciously and practically, while still being in the old paradigm at the same time.

The Inner Growth Imperative

The inner growth imperative will, one day, become as powerful as the outer growth imperative is today. To be in line with the new energy in advance, we would need to switch over from an external economic growth imperative – based on material and physical accumulation and consumption – to an internal self-realization growth imperative that is based on internal expansion and the accumulation of non-tangible inner-wealth.

Once we have made this shift consciously and intellectually, we will have the ability to be happy with less and we will be able to embrace the coming changes more naturally. We will also have reduced our carbon footprint in advance. Individuals who choose this path are a minority, but they will be better positioned to pioneer and conceptualize new ways of living compared to people living exclusively in a material growth paradigm physically and mentally.



By J.J. Montagnier

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11 responses to “Energy Transitions (Part 6) – There Are No Limits To Growth

  • smilecalm

    wonderful model & encouragement
    to recognize the necessity of this challenge!
    just do it, boys & girls,
    stop & shine a light
    into you internal,
    skin-deep darkness
    and bring it some
    gladness 🙂

  • katharineotto

    I’m also thinking about spiritualizing the material, meaning make better use of what we already have. So many people don’t appreciate or really use what they have, don’t take care of it or respect it. Doesn’t spiritual growth also foster more respect for those material things that enhance our lives?

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Yes, I agree that we can make much better use of what we have got, but I think a throw-away culture has already been created and it’s difficult for people to maintain a culture of preservation, recycling, re-using and paying-it-forward, sharing and storing for later – doing all of these things used to be a culture too. Products were designed to last though and items were expensive to buy, so people valued them more. We have lost this way of thinking in valuing what we have got fully – and to be fair, if I buy a kettle for my kitchen, imported from Asia and I already know it won’t last for more than a year and a half, I wouldn’t car much for it. However, would agree with you that spiritual growth would generally foster more respect for all things that enhance our lives, including material things. Ultimately though spirituality does not lie in material things. In many new age or positive psychology circles the material is blended with the spiritual to the extent that the distinction almost disappears, which means many people find it hard to separate the two from each other.

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      PS: If you have a moment you can have a look at the full article – the few paragraphs published here above are just the wrapping up part of the essay:

  • earnestlydebra

    Hi Jacque – Thank you for the beautiful note. I tried to reach you via an old email and must have fallen in the black hole. I wanted to touch base before the trip, thinking what experience you have had traveling around on your own. You feel like a big part of this trip because its something you do. Thank you for the encouragement that has been such a support to my finding a voice. much love, Debra

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Hi Debra – thanks for your note – I received your e-mail of a couple of days ago and I replied – can you check your junk-mail?

      You are very welcome. I am very happy for you that you are spreading your wings into the (known) unknown of venturing abroad on a (more or less) solo adventure. I will be following along every step of the way. It’s a very busy time of year regarding my work, but I will take the time to read about your trip as it progresses. Looking forward!

      • earnestlydebra

        Thanks. We’re on a new mail program. I found it connected to the message in the send folder. Not too crazy about Outlook on the cloud. I set a rule that will hopefully work in the future. I’m not sure how things will work regarding connectivity while I’m gone. I hope to figure out how to upload photos if I can’t do anything else. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

  • theburningheart

    I am in full agreement on your views, but I do not believe we can go back into the past, we need to move forward and adapt our present knowledge, to the real needs of the Earth.
    We are known as Homo Sapiens, some may call us Homo Terribilis, or Homo Exterminatore, even imperitorum hominum, they all apply.

    Also believe Wisdom its more necessary than Knowledge, and that we can only acquire by reflection from our mistakes, the question is if Earth can afford so many mistakes?
    A program similar to the one China abandoned, birth control, its necessary as a World wide action, but not just directed towards economical impoverish Nations, but a flexible and really well thought program but different for every nation, according to their needs. and the needs of the environment.

    And also a program for free Universal education to all Humans, stressing Wisdom, Virtues, Knowledge, rather than plain mercantilism, necessary too, but not the whole focus of education, dismissing an ethical, and correct way of living with Nature, rather than against it.

    I believe an Age of Light can be possible if only will could make our governments to do so, and seek that direction.

    And that can only be achieved by change at an individual level, with the State agreeing to such change.

    Unfortunately not the current state of affairs right now, were the game of the powerful its hegemony, and control of goods, by any means, rather than well being for all members of the Human race, and mother Earth.

    And yes, we are in an ascending cycle, and we may be able to turn things around.

    Ps. Through my blog, have many posts where I talk about those things, from different angles, over, and over. 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      I appreciate your reply and your input, Mr Anaya. I think it will not be a case of us choosing to go back to the past (because we won’t..), but rather that we will have no choice to return to the past – but only in some respects. Even though there’s a lot of hype about renewable energies, when we take a very good look at the available research and statistics about the possibility of complete transition that will keep everything functioning in society as before, it would seem highly unlikely. Just in the case of replacing all cars worldwide would not be possible, because millions would have to be produced – that will take energy – millions will have to be recycled – that will take energy – and all the new millions of (electric) cars woiuld need to be charged, which will take neergy, so more power stations will be needed. So, perhaps in that sense we will ‘return to the past’, i.e. more walking and cycling and using public transport and less personal transport, which is a modern luxury. Here is a video that discusses the overall subject (not just cars) in-depth and covers a lot of the complexity in a way to understand – well recommended:

      I agree with your idea about a similar project that China had, but it seems there’s little political will for that – also in this article of mine (the full version, here: ) you will see I address the issue of population growth and economic growth being connected, so reduced population will also contract economy due to reduced consumer numbers and reduced workforce – and nobody, included average citizens want the economy to contract, so it is the global citizens who demand a higher quality of life that keeps everything going – for example I mentioned that the Green political parties always never win elections, because people vote for parties that promise to boost economic growth for more financial prosperity for everyone, while at the same time blaming the lack of progress on ecological and environmental issues on the politicians and corporations, but the demand comes from the consumers – they are just not forthright enough to admit it… – that is the part of human nature that is the real problem – always in denial of the average person’s own contribution to the existential problems.

      Hopefully as we continue on the ascending cycle people will start having the courage to look within first, before projecting without. This is what Carl Jung could see all those years ago. If we are not able to look at our own internal shadow (and complicity) and work on that (which can only be done individually, internally – and then change our behaviour) nothing will change externally. We will just keep on blaming it on others. For example, how many people are willing to give up their cars to save the plant? This is a rhetorical question, because we know that it is very, very few indeed – and this would be the most basic starting point.

      We have to start building the new world within first, before attempting to build it without – the foundations have to be inside (first) and then replicated outside, but very few people have even started building within…

      (At least that’s my take on the situation).

      Much appreciated for motivating a stimulating debate on this! 🙂

      Best wishes,

  • theburningheart

    Yes, its true, but when I said governments, I am not excluding the individual, we are all responsible for the government we have, as the old saying from Joseph de Maistre tell us:

    “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

    We all need to change, and we do, for good or worst, but its our personal responsibility to fight and work towards the positive change, and we should look forward to an Universal education, free of sophistry, and with the highest aims in mind, as the ancient Greeks understood.
    Arete, in its basic sense, means “excellence of any kind”. The term may also mean “moral virtue”In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one’s full potential, by the pursuing of all virtues.

    Yes, every individual needs to participate, and as generations come, and generations go, its of primary importance to make aware of Arete, to each generation, through proper education, otherwise lacunas, or gaps take hold of generations, and back to ignorance, and the diminishing of virtue.
    As I see it the ascending to the Age of Light, will help us to overcome the darkness, but not without a struggle on our part.
    Fighting ignorance with knowledge, and above Wisdom, its our moral duty.
    Some say that the World will be saved because of the few, not of the many, this may be true, but I am not keeping my fingers cross, on that one.
    We all need to change, if even slowly for the better, our weight will turn the balance in our favor.

    Thank you Jean-Jacques, also appreciate your comments, even if very limited with my time, I am sure you are pretty busy as well, therefore my gratitude to you. 🙂

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