A Profound Experience – Viewing Earth From Heaven Through Special Glasses

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22 responses to “A Profound Experience – Viewing Earth From Heaven Through Special Glasses

  • katharineotto

    Very nice and uplifting affirmation on this Christmas Day, JJ. I found it very inspiring, especially since I hear and read so much negativity lately.

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Hello Katharine, it’s nice to hear from you! Yes, I think this is a deep, but very positive message – mainly because judgement is not the main theme. Wishing you a very good Christmas and Festive Season.

      • katharineotto

        JJ, Good to hear from you, too. You have been on my mind lately for several reasons. Your post is one example of what I believe is an awakening of world consciousness that extends beyond the human.

        I’m currently working on a blog about it, with the general theme of “Deepening the Yin.” In short, to use Oriental terminology, we as a species have a long history of over-valuing the yang elements of domination and control, but traditionally–and especially in Western US culture–there is little respect for the yin, which is the receptive and nurturing principle, as is exteriorized most vividly by the earth and nature. You and I can produce many examples of how man is out of balance with nature and why all the world’s ills are a manifestation of this imbalance. This leads me to think in terms of Jung’s “collective unconscious” and the notion that every culture and religion over time can be contained within it.

      • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

        Katharine, thank you for your thoughts! Yes, I have also been thinking of our discussions in the past, which I think was of great value. I agree with you that the transition that humanity is going through has a supernatural aspect to it. (The Mayans spoke of the element of ether being added to the four elements during this 5th age and this is increasingly filtering into consciousness – but I think some people can sense it early or more than others).

        I really look forward to reading your blog post about the depening of Yin – should make for a good discussion too. Since this transition is a process in progress, the more angles of observation the better, and by analysing and meditating on it and through thinking and discussion the form of the new paradigm can become more visible in the minds’s eye beyond just intuition.

        Earlier this year while in Lima I managed to work through ‘THE SACRED TREE – The Daiva Yugas and The World Cycles of Human Evolution’ and although it was a bit technical in parts it gave me a big picture view of the 24000 year evolutionary cycle (see contents below).

        One of the most important things I learned from it was about the patriarchal energy – the profound thing is that ‘The Patriarchy’ is an energy (and an archetype in my interpretation of it) that strongly influences the bottom part of the overall cycle. However, the important thing I learned was that it influences men and women equally since we all live in a patriarchal paradigm – we have patriarchy not because men of flesh and blood imposed this upon mankind through their human will, but because men and women have a patriarchal consciousness…. In the book it is also explained that althought some aspects of this energy has done great harm to women, so it has to men. The important thing that is starting to happen now as we transition, is that the patriarchal energy is growing weaker, making place for the divine feminine to filter in subtly and slowly, effectig women and men. So, a lot of the disagreements between the genders are based on a misunderstandig of what the patriarchy is. It’s the same with hierarchy – we see that all groups, regardless of gender or political inclination tend to form hierarchies – it cannot be avoided and it will not disappear, even in a matriarchal paradigm or one rule by the dine feminine.

        If women and men can start collaborating and working together rather in being in conflict, we can bring the new paradigm in together, sooner. But we will have to give up the pleasure derived from conflict which seems all the rage right now with identity politics.

        I discovered another video by Erika McKenzie – a longer one where she describes how she was also shown hell on her journey back from God… (she got a glimpse of it) … and it resembled more or less with is happing on earth right now with all the polarization – people in hell were arguing and fighting and not wanting to give it up! (Erika said she had to get away from there asap because that dark energy was trying pull her down into it – into hell.. )

        Katharine, the e-book for The World Tree is available here below if you would like to read it – great talking to you!

        Daiva Yugas and Our Evolutionary Process.
        Our Cosmic Family.
        The Tree of Life, Our Astralbiology.
        The Way of the Oracle.

        Shri Yantra
        Lunar Consciousness and the Earth Goddess.
        The Myth of Demeter and Persephone.
        The Healing of Psychic-Spiritual Metamorphosis.
        The Myth of Inanna and Gilgamesh.
        Solar Consciousness and the Sun God.

        Lilith, The Original Primal Female
        Eclipses, Symbol of Divine Union as Evolutionary Portals.
        Yin and Yang.
        Red Moon Rising.
        Venus, Rebirth as the Morning and Evening Star.
        The Regeneration of our Tree of Life Through the Outer Planets.

        The World Ages, Its Ancestral Footprint Leading to our Future.]


      • katharineotto

        Thanks for the long and thought-provoking response. Too bad we have to have these talks through electronic media. I would love to sit down and have coffee with you.

        The patriarchy that you describe sounds much like Jung’s “animus.” I think all the gender confusion lately is the result of confusion about sexuality and the roles assigned by society to different genders.

        And thanks for the information on “The Sacred Tree.” The contents cover many subjects that interest me. Like you, I’m interested in archetypes, and mythology contains an abundance of them.

        The upcoming blog on deepening the yin is a perfect example of how my ideas grow slowly into communicable form. When the world learns to communicate telepathically, words are no longer necessary, and ideas can be transferred instantly in their entirety, it will be a giant leap forward and upward for person-kind.

        I prefer hard copies for most of my reading, despite blogging and reading other peoples’ blogs on-line. Hard copies are easier on my poor, aging eyes, and I can underline and make notes in margins to my heart’s content.

        Also, in reading, lately I’ve begun synopsizing in my journal as I read. It slows me down, and it’s almost like reading the book twice, but it forces me to pay attention to depth, nuance, inconsistencies, and structure like never before.

        Like Erica in the video, I think one of my biggest challenges (gifts?) is patience, and this becomes more valuable as I get older and can’t accomplish anything as fast as before.

      • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

        Katharine, thank you for your further comments. Yes, I fully agree that these kind of debates should be had face to face and over a cup of coffee preferably, but at the same time, due to distance we have the opportunity to do it electronically at the Gypsy Café 🙂 !

        I had to think about a few points that you raised, so here are my thoughts:
        On the patriarchy – I think that the patriarchal energy that influences the consciousness (of both men and women) accentuates the animus within women. As we progress out of the patriarchy phase of the cycle that should over time subside (in men and women). But for me a starting point would be to reduce unnecessary antagonism between the genders by recognizing in the first place that presently both men and women have strong domineering and power driven tendencies (which are masculine traits) – and this is clearly observable in the way that the gender movements go about things.

        In relation to the gender roles being assigned by society – I think what is still left of these more or less ‘established’ gender roles, are based on the centuries old role-assignment of gender roles across peoples and civilizations (with some variations), mainly due to difference in temperament and physical strength in more traditional cultures which had less modern circumstances. However, we presently live in an age where people can pretty much do as they wish, so these gender roles are not imposed upon women in the West anymore. Nowadays people can even choose and change their sexuality simply by making a pronouncement about what orientation they now have (and this could change day by day if they so wish), so there’s loads of freedom. Yet, people are still unhappy and still carry on as if nothing has changed and all women are expected to be homemakers and that there’s no sexual freedom.

        So for me this raises a few questions that’s worth exploring, but I won’t go into detail here, but will touch on a few points:
        How much freedom would people need to really feel they are free? I have given this a lot of thought I think the answer is that it will never be enough. Many people are driven instinctually to activism in the name of more freedom – it is a drive. That is why we see that many activists shift the goal-posts when they achieve their goals. I would say that an argument could be made that is not just an instinctual drive to be fighting for good causes, which in itself is of course virtuous, but I think in some or perhaps many cases it is actually a will to power that is masked by a fight for good causes, so the objective is really power…

        The confusion about sexuality seems to be part of something else too – I wrote about it in one of my previous articles – it happens during human cultural transitions – a stage called liminality – I’m quoting here from an online discussion about it:

        “Ambiguity and paradox characterize the social situation of liminal persons (Tuner 1967:97). They are neither this nor that, child nor adult, woman nor mother. As a result, the liminal individual is often invisible both structurally and physically…. “Frequently, there is an androgynous quality to the liminal individual (Turner 1967:98). They may be assigned characteristics of both genders, the opposite gender, or treated as genderless….”
        Extensive abstract here about how liminality manifests in hyper-modern societies:

        If you don’t mind I will provide some feedback in relation to your future article: I agree with you that in the future – although it’s probably still quite a distance off (but some people are already experiencing this) – people will communicate more and more telepathically. That will be truly an evolutionary jump in a sense, but on the other hand I think it is already encoded in us (which is why the more psychic among us can already do some of this), but the general consciousness has not shifted sufficiently yet for everyone to be capable of it – and perhaps it would be quite disorienting at first as these abilities start to grow within people. Looking forward to reading your full article, Katharine!

        I prefer hard copies for my reading too, but since I’m traveling it’s difficult to lug books around. I frequently print out pages from the internet so that on the one hand I can save my eyes, and so I can read with more attention and reflection, because reading on a screen is just not the same and it is hard to read more than a few pages online at the one time. Although it can be expensive to pay for print-outs, sometimes it costs as much as a book to print out an e-book for example. (I cannot lug around a printer either). So, I fully understand. I also need to take time with it and often underline important passages and make notes in the sideline.

        You are very lucky to have been blessed with the gift of patience, Katharine – a very valuable gift. I think cannot claim the same. I have patience much of the time, but I can also be very impatient, which I then have to manage. Fortunately I have the gift of persistence and endurance, so if I set myself a task I usually follow through systematically, even if it takes a long time to accomplish ad even I am impatient and frustrated with it at times…
        I think the message from Erica that we can ask for more gifts is a very valuable one and it made me wonder which additional gift I would ask for…
        (I would have to think about that very carefully).

        Katharine, I hope you are enjoying the quiet season – the New Year is almost upon as and 2020 is bound to be interesting.


      • katharineotto

        On the patriarchy, I think birth control gave women more freedom than either men or women knew how to handle. We’re still trying to adjust to the changes in the dynamics. Of course both men and women have components of what are believed to be other-sex characteristics, but traditionally the “yang” characteristics have been more valued by most societies I know of. I don’t think people fully appreciate yin. Women are said to be “emotional” and men “rational.” At least that was a common theme when I was growing up in the US South. But those people also assigned negative values to emotion, such as anger or jealousy. Emotion was considered “bad” or inferior to the more “rational” male.

        So a lot of early feminists seemed to think they had to take on “masculine” qualities in order to be respected. I always thought it was counterproductive to imitate male stereotypical behavior.

        I’ve been thinking of the positive qualities of the feminine, such as receptivity, civility, nurturing, sustaining. This is not a “shout from the rooftop” quality, so it is easily overlooked or dismissed. There’s no glory in yin. Rather, it’s the reflective, meditative, inward-looking aspect of self that contains yang forcefulness until it’s ready to express. Think pregnancy.

        Regarding freedom, it has been an over-riding quest for me, preventing me from getting married or having children. I went into psychiatry, I thought, to set people free. But I’ve found few people want to be free, because it requires responsibility. It’s much easier to remain a slave and blame your master for everything that goes wrong.

        Did I imply that I’m patient? I should have said I’ve been forced to have patience if I want to accomplish anything worth doing. Impatience only hurts me, and I don’t enjoy suffering. The key to patience is to keep breathing long enough for your goals to come to you, or at least that’s how I feel lately.

        I agree that Erica implied we could ask for more gifts, but I believe I’ve been given more gifts than I can easily handle, especially if I want to deepen the gifts through using them in daily life. As I get older and abilities decline, I’m intentionally narrowing my focus. The ability to choose is probably also a gift.

        Happy new year to you, too.

      • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

        Katharine, very interesting points about birth-control for women – I haven’t thought about it like that, but I think there’s definitely truth in what you say. The dynamics between the sexes changed completely since then, for better and for worse. I think there are many freedoms that we don’t handle very well as humans, possibly because we don’t always understand or realise or remember that freedoms are actually privileges and should not be taken for granted.

        Also very good points about resisting responsibility – I fully agree. Most people want freedom without responsibility, but they go hand in hand – and there’s also accountability, which people shy away from even more. Freedom without any checks and balances tend to lead to mayhem…

        Just like you I value my personal freedom very highly, to the extend that I too prefer to remain single and not start a family. I can’t say 100% this won’t change, but so far so good. But, of course it has its downsides – for example isolation at times. It takes courage in a way to remain solo. I was doing a sociology course a couple of years ago and was studying the work of Eric Erikson (he coined the phrase: ‘identity crisis’) which is all about identity and identity development (recommended!) and I remember that one of his theories is that women and men who choose not to have families will become ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ to society through their contributions – they will automatically feel compelled to channel these aspects into community service and related activities, so your choice to completely dedicate yourself to psychiatry makes perfect sense.

        You are right, the ability to choose is a gift. Well, I reached the big five zero this year – time flies – and if I ask for any more gifts they would probably be for refining the ones I already have developed further. I’m already feeling that life is too short, because it takes half a lifetime or more just to hone one’s skills to the extent that mastery occurs on occasion (just about… , at least subjectively speaking.) Life is a wonderful gift in itself though and perhaps we should all pause more often to give thanks.

        Speak to you again in the New Year.


      • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

        Happy New Year, Katharine. I was watching an interview with Marie Louise von Franz video today and in Part 2 she speaks directly to this issue of the animus – thought I’d share it since it’s so relevant and also because of her humour 🙂
        Have a look from 05.00 minuties to 06.00 minutes:

  • navasolanature

    Very interesting and yes positive too. Greetings for this holy season.

  • theburningheart

    Ah, the experience of the Realm of the Imagination!

    The Alam al Mithal, or Al Malakut.

    Henry Corbin:

    “Here we shall not be dealing with imagination in the usual sense of the world: neither with fantasy, profane or otherwise, nor with the organ which produces imaginings identified with the unreal,” writes Corbin. Rather, we speak of “a universe endowed with a perfectly ‘objective’ existence and perceived precisely through the Imagination.”


  • theburningheart

    Watch your dreams, at the proper time we all get a glimpse of it, some more than others, but that depends on your awareness, and the work you have done, to be in touch with the Self within.
    Some believe its a Grace, others a Practice.
    It’s both. 🙂

  • earnestlydebra

    I searched to find you and landed on this post, which was a synchronicity. I just wanted to share my “I Love You.” It is so strange here in Washington and I’m showing the symptoms – mild case I’ve been denying became real today when the neighbor is reporting same symptoms. The divine part was we made a pact to watch out and be there for each other – I told them I had any provision to share if they needed something and it was promised back. I went to the store for my last stockpile in case I need too be inside for a week. There was a soothsayer with his prayer of Salvation witnessed to me there, and I told him we were bringing the Light from Heaven on Earth, which is what I am feeling SO DEEPLY HERE. People authentically sharing – as this blog mentions – like deathbed confessions of Love – a Miracle for us to remember we all love each other. To you and all I have to share – I KNOW there is a dream at your feet. Mud was thrown all over it and it got left behind. It was beautiful. It’s Time and this is the time to create it and enough time to love it afterwards. It looks like a huge leap of faith, but you’ve always believed in the genius of it. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Hi Debra, it’s good to hear from you! I hope you are OK!! Hopefully it is just the flu… and if not, hope you are stocked up on EFFERVESCENT IMMUNE BOOSTER VITAMIN C (1000mg + zinc & echinacea).

      Sorry for my late response, but I’ve been isolating myself from the web. Have been concentrating on updating important information regarding Maya Calendar predictions – will have that ready in a week or two.

      Thank you so much for your inspirational and loving words, Debra – I really appreciate it and I send my Love in return. I believe – as you – that these trying times will bring everyone closer together and that it is all part of the transition that we are going through – to a higher state and a brighter age! It is really encouraging and heart warming that you and your neighbours are in solidarity to support each other.

      Here is an interesting video I came across that deals with a lady that was part of a family that was the only one in her area to not contract the Spanish Flu – very interesting why in her opinion they survived:

      Wishing you Love and Strength.

      My the Grace of God be with us.

      • earnestlydebra

        Hi Jacques! I’ll be interested to hear your latest take on Mayan calendar prophecy. I’ll be happy to share it here. I’m so close to the Mother, she’s taking care of me just fine without any fears. Thanks for the tips. I’ve got a growing list, if it’s still on the shelves. We have to prepare to team up and that feels like where Love is supposed to go. much love, in lak’ech, Debra – I’ll visit for your reply. People have suffered so many things worse than this.

  • earnestlydebra

    This is Holy Water I believe. Food grade h202 – not the 3% refined with heavy metals… pure water and oxygen. There’s a story about the grotto in Lourdes France. Some links are broken, but it was research I did when a friend was dying from cancer. I have enough for a lot of people – it only takes 3 drops in a 8 oz of non-chlorinated water to oxygenate tissue and kill bacteria the natural way with oxygen – can’t hurt anything. I will always believe it’s a miracle – too cheap for anyone to make a profit on. $20 worth lasts more than a year. So far it’s the mild, just a cold with weird symptoms… like being dry at high altitude, while your nose is running.

    Thanks for the video/story. Mother Earth needs those that love her, working to send her love around.

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Thanks Debra – I will take a look at the link. Very interesting about the water from Lourdes – I had heard of it from one of my students some time ago.Very glad to hear your symptoms are not severe (!). During such times I always tend to revert to a combination of traditional and modern remedies – to cover all bases. Yes, agreed – such stories help to bond like-minded people together and prove the necessary hope and inspiration to get us through.

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