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Exploring Easter Island – Day 1

Ahu Vai – Tahai Sunset. Rapa Nui. June 2015.

Ahu Vai – Tahai Sunset. Rapa Nui. June 2015.

I found myself booking this flight to Rapa Nui about two months after my arrival in South America. I had already booked the Santiago leg and was playing with the idea of trying to make it out to Easter Island as well. I was naturally drawn to it, but I wasn’t sure whether it would be doable or affordable so soon after my arrival in the region, so I didn’t take the time to look into it further at that stage. I checked again a couple of weeks later and things fell into place, my auto-pilot kicked in, I booked the flight and several weeks later, here I was about to land on Rapa Nui…


Photographs and text by Jean-Jacques M.

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