The Keys to Conscious Co-Creation

‘Holding the Key’. A mural by Jade Rivera, Barranco, Lima. Photo by JJM.

We are Destined to be Co-Creators and Free Will is the Key. The interesting thing is that the source (the Source) and force of creativity, (creative energy) flows through humans, which then leads to the creation of new paradigms. Energy creates through us – we are the channels for Source energy on earth, but we are not (the main) Source itself.

We are remote extensions of Source, so remote that many of us are not aware of our connection to source. As channels of Source we are collaborating with Source. At the same time we are also autonomous energy configurations. That is because we all come into this world as an energy archetype – we could call this our born identity.

Each person’s born identity – the archetype he or she was born as – is an energy configuration (energy frequency) because in fact it comprises a combination of a number of archetypes, with the main core archetype being dominant.

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By J.J. Montagnier

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8 responses to “The Keys to Conscious Co-Creation

  • smilecalm

    cultivating & developing
    right along with you, JJ!
    a wonderful thesis 🙂

  • JC

    Great post. I’ve been interested in the term co-creator for some time and low and behold i see it here in your wonderful writing.

  • theburningheart

    Very well put, its a thoughtful understanding of the mysteries of God within us.
    Personally even if for many Westerns, Islam, and Muslims seem not politically correct I like the way the Qur’an declares “the reality of Allah, His inaccessible mystery, His various names, and His actions on behalf of His creatures.”

    And how his mystics declare themselves the servants of God. and understand that everything comes from Him.

    Something that our contemporary Western mentality seems to be forgotten by many.
    I know, most religions around the World point into that direction, we just Human beings, mostly seem to be a forgetful lot.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

      Thank you for your insightful comment in relation to some of the religions which are sometimes discounted without realising that they carry an understating of the deeper mysteries of the Universal Source). All religions have something to offer and all religions are also flawed in some ways.

      Very well put about being servants of God, because that is what it is very much about – and one does not have to be formally religious to become a conscious co-creator.

      I think the formal religions tend to be very dogmatic and obscure in some ways due to the language used in the texts and so the deeper meaning can often be impenetrable.

      Hopefully we will be blessed with a new age of enlightenment through the natural shift of the ages – and hopefully this will happen soon enough and fast enough for great change to sweep across our nations.

      Thank you for your contribution!

  • theburningheart

    I pretty much agree with you, and I declare myself SBNR (Spiritul, but not religious) on the traditional sense I.e. Dogmatic, and literal. exclusive, and narrow minded. Post November 17, 2013
    Although I respect any Religion, and for many years study them, specially the Mystical aspect of them.
    About a new age of enlightenment I have s few posts September 24, 2018, January 4, 2015 And many others were I talk diverse issues relating to Mysticism, from different Traditions, and angles, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Shamanism, etc.

    Thank you for your response, Jean Jacques keep the good work. 🙂

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